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Commit 760cc2b7 authored by Hugo Pereira Da Costa's avatar Hugo Pereira Da Costa

set a mask to shadow widget to make sure that it does not overlap with the mdi window.

parent afcd6335
......@@ -56,7 +56,8 @@ namespace Breeze
const int rightSize( size );
// get tileSet rect
_shadowTilesRect = _widget->frameGeometry().adjusted( -leftSize, -topSize, rightSize, bottomSize );
auto hole = _widget->frameGeometry();
_shadowTilesRect = hole.adjusted( -leftSize, -topSize, rightSize, bottomSize );
// get parent MDI area's viewport
QWidget *parent( parentWidget() );
......@@ -68,8 +69,15 @@ namespace Breeze
// set geometry
QRect geometry( _shadowTilesRect );
if( parent ) geometry &= parent->rect();
if( parent )
geometry &= parent->rect();
hole &= parent->rect();
// update geometry and mask
setGeometry( geometry );
setMask( QRegion( rect() ) - hole.translated( -geometry.topLeft() ) );
// translate rendering rect
_shadowTilesRect.translate( -geometry.topLeft() );
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