Commit 1da8945d authored by Aleix Pol Gonzalez's avatar Aleix Pol Gonzalez 🐧
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Flatpak: Remove unused function

parent f55fd33c
......@@ -516,11 +516,6 @@ void FlatpakBackend::addResource(FlatpakResource *resource)
m_resources.insert(resource->uniqueId(), resource);
bool FlatpakBackend::compareAppFlatpakRef(FlatpakInstallation *flatpakInstallation, FlatpakResource *resource, FlatpakInstalledRef *ref) const
return resource->uniqueId() == idForInstalledRef(flatpakInstallation, ref);
class FlatpakSource
......@@ -85,7 +85,6 @@ private:
FlatpakResource * addAppFromFlatpakBundle(const QUrl &url);
FlatpakResource * addAppFromFlatpakRef(const QUrl &url);
void addResource(FlatpakResource *resource);
bool compareAppFlatpakRef(FlatpakInstallation *flatpakInstallation, FlatpakResource *resource, FlatpakInstalledRef *ref) const;
void loadAppsFromAppstreamData();
bool loadAppsFromAppstreamData(FlatpakInstallation *flatpakInstallation);
void loadInstalledApps();
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