Commit 4c118c49 authored by Nate Graham's avatar Nate Graham
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Fix sidebar header/toolbar sizing and height

Now it's not ever so slightly different in height from other ones.

(cherry picked from commit 7fa4ccc7)
parent d32292b9
......@@ -55,20 +55,18 @@ Kirigami.GlobalDrawer {
header: Kirigami.AbstractApplicationHeader {
id: toolbar
visible: drawer.wideScreen
RowLayout {
anchors.fill: parent
anchors.leftMargin: Kirigami.Units.smallSpacing
anchors.rightMargin: Kirigami.Units.smallSpacing
anchors {
left: parent.left
leftMargin: Kirigami.Units.smallSpacing
right: parent.right
rightMargin: Kirigami.Units.smallSpacing
SearchField {
id: searchField
Layout.topMargin: Kirigami.Units.smallSpacing
Layout.bottomMargin: Kirigami.Units.smallSpacing
Layout.fillHeight: true
Layout.fillWidth: true
visible: window.leftPage && (window.leftPage.searchFor !== null || window.leftPage.hasOwnProperty("search"))
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