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Fix "not enough space" string

- Use correct grammar for second part
- Add context so translators know what the placeholder is
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......@@ -275,7 +275,9 @@ void PackageKitUpdater::prepare()
auto j = KIO::fileSystemFreeSpace(QUrl::fromLocalFile("/usr"));
connect(j, &KIO::FileSystemFreeSpaceJob::result, this, [this](KIO::Job * /*job*/, KIO::filesize_t /*size*/, KIO::filesize_t available) {
if (available < updateSize()) {
setErrorMessage(i18n("Not enough space to perform the update. Only have %1 available.", KFormat().formatByteSize(available)));
setErrorMessage(i18nc("@info:status %1 is a formatted disk space string e.g. '240 MiB'",
"Not enough space to perform the update; only %1 of space are available.",
m_allUpgradeable = m_toUpgrade;
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