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pk: QStringRef is so passe, now QStringView is cool

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......@@ -775,11 +775,9 @@ bool PackageKitBackend::isPackageNameUpgradeable(const PackageKitResource *res)
// It's an optimisation as there's a bunch of allocations that happen from packageName
// Having packageName return a QStringRef or a QStringView would fix this issue.
// TODO Qt 6: Have packageName and similars return a QStringView
static QStringRef TransactionpackageName(const QString &packageID)
static QStringView TransactionpackageName(const QString &packageID)
QStringRef ret;
ret = packageID.leftRef(packageID.indexOf(QLatin1Char(';')));
return ret;
return QStringView(packageID).left(packageID.indexOf(QLatin1Char(';')));
QSet<QString> PackageKitBackend::upgradeablePackageId(const PackageKitResource *res) const
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