Commit b8d35b0a authored by Nate Graham's avatar Nate Graham
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Port to Kirigami.SearchField

No need to manufacture our own, especially now that the Kirigami version
has a delayed auto-accept feature, which is perfect for our use case.
parent c90373b8
......@@ -9,17 +9,12 @@ import QtQuick 2.5
import QtQuick.Controls 2.1
import org.kde.kirigami 2.14 as Kirigami
id: searchField
focusSequence: "Ctrl+F"
rightActions: [
Kirigami.Action {
iconName: "edit-clear"
visible: searchField.text.length !== 0
onTriggered: searchField.clearText()
// Search operations are network-intensive, so delay the auto-accept
delaySearch: true
property QtObject page
property string currentSearchText
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