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Remove contractions: n't -> not

parent c28508fe
......@@ -268,7 +268,7 @@ void DiscoverObject::openLocalPackage(const QUrl& localfile)
showPassiveNotification(i18n("Cannot interact with flatpak resources without the flatpak backend %1. Please install it first.", localfile.toDisplayString()));
} else {
showPassiveNotification(i18n("Couldn't open %1", localfile.toDisplayString()));
showPassiveNotification(i18n("Could not open %1", localfile.toDisplayString()));
......@@ -298,7 +298,7 @@ void DiscoverObject::openApplication(const QUrl& url)
showPassiveNotification(i18n("Please make sure snap support is installed %1", url.toDisplayString()));
} else {
Q_EMIT openErrorPage(i18n("Couldn't open %1", url.toDisplayString()));
Q_EMIT openErrorPage(i18n("Could not open %1", url.toDisplayString()));
  • Is there anything wrong with contractions? (I'm asking because I use contractions frequently in warning messages)

  • Not inherently. I don't think the contractions were wrong, just less formal. I guess it depends on the level of formality you want your UI to communicate with.

  • However I seem to be wrong. It appears that our HIG explicitly recommends against using contractions:

  • Ah, I see, point taken.

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