Commit a33a2e09 authored by Nate Graham's avatar Nate Graham 🔩

Use QQC2 ToolBar correctly

It has a Position property so we can use that and not have to make a
custom footer appearance.
parent 21b620a0
......@@ -104,22 +104,12 @@ DiscoverPage
// A QQC2 toolbar which automatically draws a separator line on the
// bottom, but not on the top, and we need one on the top because we're
// using it as a footer, so we have to draw our own separator
Kirigami.Separator {
Layout.fillWidth: true
visible: footerToolbar.visible
ToolBar {
id: footerToolbar
Layout.fillWidth: true
visible: (updateModel.totalUpdatesCount > 0 && resourcesUpdatesModel.isProgressing) || updateModel.hasUpdates
// Normally Toolbars use header colors, but this is a footer! So use the
// window color set instead
Kirigami.Theme.colorSet: Kirigami.Theme.Window
Kirigami.Theme.inherit: false
position: ToolBar.Footer
CheckBox {
anchors.left: parent.left
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