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more explicitly initialize the private struct

not that the privatizing makes a lot of sense to begin with :|
parent 7314e20f
......@@ -12,17 +12,16 @@
#include "debuggerlaunchers.h"
struct DebuggerManager::Private {
BacktraceGenerator *btGenerator;
bool debuggerRunning;
BacktraceGenerator *btGenerator = nullptr;
bool debuggerRunning = false;
QList<AbstractDebuggerLauncher *> externalDebuggers;
DBusInterfaceAdaptor *dbusInterfaceAdaptor;
DBusInterfaceAdaptor *dbusInterfaceAdaptor = nullptr;
DebuggerManager::DebuggerManager(const Debugger &internalDebugger, const QList<Debugger> &externalDebuggers, QObject *parent)
: QObject(parent)
, d(new Private)
d->debuggerRunning = false;
d->btGenerator = new BacktraceGenerator(internalDebugger, this);
connect(d->btGenerator, &BacktraceGenerator::starting, this, &DebuggerManager::onDebuggerStarting);
connect(d->btGenerator, &BacktraceGenerator::done, this, &DebuggerManager::onDebuggerFinished);
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