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disable dbus interface and explain what it does

this wasn't really obvious from the get go, but from the API I'd guess
it's so a running kdevelop can register itself as external debugger on a
running drkonqi. we limit this to kcrash (for now anyway) there's not
really a reason kdevelop would have to route coredumpd dumps through
drkonqi and it'd needlessly complicate things, in particular since we
need coredumpbackend to have the prepare API that kdevelop would have to
implement to use the backend over dbus, so the interface also needs to
grow api, and then the interface also needed to grow API to communicate
backend support.
parent 1ba9cf5d
......@@ -39,8 +39,13 @@ DebuggerManager::DebuggerManager(const Debugger &internalDebugger, const QList<D
// setup kdevelop compatibility
d->dbusInterfaceAdaptor = new DBusInterfaceAdaptor(this);
// DBus API to inject additional external debuggers at runtime. Used by KDevelop to add itself.
if (qobject_cast<KCrashBackend *>(backendParent)) {
// Runtime debugger injection is only allowed with KCrash because the API sports no interfaces for the debugger
// to describe its compatibility and it was introduced when only KCrash was around. To not have apps break
// randomly on different backends we require that our backend be KCrash.
d->dbusInterfaceAdaptor = new DBusInterfaceAdaptor(this);
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