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fix variable check

:? returns the var if defined or errors if undefined. so we need to
assign the output back into the var, otherwise we'd try to implicitly
run the content of the variable (and that is a dir so it makes zero
sense - plus is not what is intended here anyway)
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......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
# Our l10n scripting isn't working with spaces anywhere and we actively rely on word splitting in our
# shellcheck disable=SC2046
${podir:?} # ensure it is defined
podir=${podir:?} # ensure it is defined
$XGETTEXT $(find . -name \*.cpp -o -name \*.h) -o "$podir"/drkonqi5.pot
# Extract JavaScripty files as what they are, otherwise for example template literals won't work correctly (by default we extract as C++).
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