1. 22 May, 2022 1 commit
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  8. 25 Apr, 2022 2 commits
    • Harald Sitter's avatar
      fix variable check · 93cc744d
      Harald Sitter authored
      :? returns the var if defined or errors if undefined. so we need to
      assign the output back into the var, otherwise we'd try to implicitly
      run the content of the variable (and that is a dir so it makes zero
      sense - plus is not what is intended here anyway)
    • Yuri Chornoivan's avatar
      Fix minor typo · e891b920
      Yuri Chornoivan authored
  9. 24 Apr, 2022 2 commits
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  11. 21 Apr, 2022 7 commits
    • Harald Sitter's avatar
      let scrolling work on mobile · 29a1f2c2
      Harald Sitter authored
      this is still a bit crap because you can't scroll horizontally because
      that gesture is already used for switching pages. so. I don't know, but
      this is certainly better than doing text selection on mobile 🤷
    • Harald Sitter's avatar
      extend readme · e1144062
      Harald Sitter authored
      the user socket also needs to be enabled otherwise the processor has
      nobody to talk to
    • Harald Sitter's avatar
      fix processor invocation · d90ac07b
      Harald Sitter authored
      apparently 0-123-0 is the escaped variant (%i) whereas I thought it is
      the unescaped variant (%I). since we want the version with hyphens (so
      we can use them in the filtering tech) use %i here.
    • Harald Sitter's avatar
      fix the instance filter · edae772d
      Harald Sitter authored
      unit names always have a type suffix, in this case the instance is the
      prefix (so we can startwith filter on) meaning we need to add the suffix
      manually for the builtin matching tech
    • Harald Sitter's avatar
      remove the uid limit · 04ae8a8a
      Harald Sitter authored
      it indeed serves no practical purpose and is actually counterproductive
      for the coredump-gui
    • Harald Sitter's avatar
      instance ids have 2 hyphens not 3 · b0e5a557
      Harald Sitter authored
      3 numbers but 2 hyphens. one can see where my brain took the wrong turn
    • Script Kiddy's avatar
      SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always resolve ours · f428405b
      Script Kiddy authored
      In case of conflict in i18n, keep the version of the branch "ours"
      To resolve a particular conflict, "git checkout --ours path/to/file.desktop"
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    • Harald Sitter's avatar
      new tool drkonqi-coredump-gui · f8cf3b1e
      Harald Sitter authored
      it is a GUI for coredumpctl - duh.
      There are two main motivations behind this
      - provide more user friendly access to coredumps (and thus allow more
      crashes to be reported to the relevant authors)
      - it is the foundation for plans to aggregate crashes. right now
      multiple crashes result in multiple drkonqis but realistically we could
      just feed them all into a singular UI. coredump-gui kind of gets that
      started as the UI bits actually aren't coredump related at all so we can
      iterate from here
      this also contains some rejiggering of the existing coredump code to
      facilitate more code sharing through a new internal static library.
      architecture-wise the gui is super simple. there's a central Patient
      concept which "abstracts" a crashed application. Patients are managed by
      a PatientModel (which is really just a generic QObject model) and get
      fed into that model by the existing coredumpwatcher tech. the qml bits
      then simply view the model/patients. without coredumpd in the picture
      the Patients would be synthesized through other means as yet to be
  21. 01 Apr, 2022 2 commits
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