1. 05 Nov, 2020 1 commit
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      fix buttongroup state toggles · b21006b7
      Harald Sitter authored
      this was recently changed on the BugAwarenessPage and broke state
      tracking as idPressed is emitted when pressing down, before the group
      state actually switches. the yes/no group on that page was effectively
      inverted as updateCheckBoxes was called before the property update and
      thus when the user clicked Yes the internal state in the slot was still
      No and vice versa.
      the duplicates dialog similarly was wrong but it's much harder to
      stumble over since the relevant UI elements are only visible when trying
      to mark a bug duplicate to a closed bug or a "common" bug
      use the idClicked signal instead, it's what the code originally used (as
      the now deprecated buttonClicked)
      BUG: 428346
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      Fix the port to QRegularExpression · 7d2cfbe4
      Ahmad Samir authored
      I made some mistakes when porting from QRegExp to QRegularExpression:
      - With QRegularExpression::DotMatchesEverythingOption enabled, better use
        QRegularExpression::anchoredPattern and not rely on "^" and "$" to anchor
        the pattern (anchoredPattern uses "\A" and "\z" which is more accurate/precise)
      - Disable QRegularExpression::DotMatchesEverythingOption before subsequent
        setPattern calls, it's only needed for the first matching
      - When calling setPattern, obviously the previous QRegularExpression::anchoredPattern
        isn't going to be in effect, call it again if you want the pattern to be
      Thanks to sitter for the unit tests that exposed the issue, and for
      spotting the issue with needing to anchor the pattern.
      All unit tests pass.
    • Harald Sitter's avatar
      add gdb line test for thread start and current thread markers · 7512f620
      Harald Sitter authored
      these tests do not presently pass because they regressed in the
      qregularexpression port 8d8062fe
      as for exmaple observed in https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=423222
      which lacks the marker lines
      at a glance exactMatch->hasMatch wasn't a good port and so the line
      falls into the CRAP regex' `0x[0-9a-f]+.*|` which would match line
      containing a hex number
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      Merge branch 'Plasma/5.18' · 85aa2616
      Harald Sitter authored
      # Conflicts:
      #	CMakeLists.txt
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      initialize bools to false by default · c517b795
      Harald Sitter authored
      This should fix random 113 errors (user_not_insider) coming out of the api
      I can't really reproduce the problem other than by setting the bools
      explicitly to true. Seeing as they were previously not set explicitly
      they could very well end up true accidentally.
      To fix this let's set them explicitly false.
      BUG: 421187
      FIXED-IN: 5.18.6
      Test Plan:
      hoping for the best!
      tests still pass tho
      Reviewers: davidedmundson, apol
      Reviewed By: apol
      Subscribers: plasma-devel
      Tags: #plasma
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D29675
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      Merge branch 'Plasma/5.18' · 93c0e901
      Harald Sitter authored
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      disable automatic cookie injection · abb0115b
      Harald Sitter authored
      the http slave reads the cookie metadata and defaults to auto, which would
      try to find applicable cookies in the cookiejar and inject it into every
      request. this is problematic because that cookie is not from drkonqi but
      rather some other software (e.g. konqueror). as such the cookie is entirely
      useless for us but gets in the way when bugzilla finds the cookie to be
      unacceptable for whatever reason (outdated,invalid,unexpected).
      force all apijobs to disable cookies entirely. we have no use for them.
      BUG: 419646
      FIXED-IN: 5.18.5