Commit 64b91d5c authored by patrick pereira's avatar patrick pereira 🏃

QtCore is common between MINGW and MSVC

Signed-off-by: patrick pereira's avatarPatrick José Pereira <>
parent 9f3cfcff
......@@ -14,11 +14,11 @@ set(kdbgwin_SRCS
set(COMMON_LIBS dbghelp psapi shlwapi)
set(COMMON_LIBS dbghelp psapi shlwapi Qt5::Core)
if ( MINGW )
add_executable(kdbgwin ${kdbgwin_SRCS} mingw_generator.h mingw_generator.cpp)
target_link_libraries(kdbgwin PRIVATE ${COMMON_LIBS} bfd iberty intl ZLIB::ZLIB Qt5::Core)
target_link_libraries(kdbgwin PRIVATE ${COMMON_LIBS} bfd iberty intl ZLIB::ZLIB)
endif ()
add_executable(kdbgwin ${kdbgwin_SRCS} msvc_generator.h msvc_generator.cpp)
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