Commit c562bf65 authored by Marius Pa's avatar Marius Pa
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virtualdesktopswitch improve readability

Now it is more evident what is the type of T in
"template<typename T> T readEntry".
Silences PVS-Studio issue "VirtualDesktopSwitchPlugin.cpp:61:
error: V503 This is a nonsensical comparison: pointer >= 0".
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......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ void VirtualDesktopSwitchPlugin::currentActivityChanged(const QString &activity)
const auto desktopId = config().readEntry(configPattern.arg(activity), -1);
const int desktopId = config().readEntry(configPattern.arg(activity), -1);
if (KWindowSystem::isPlatformX11()) {
config().writeEntry(configPattern.arg(m_currentActivity), QString::number(KWindowSystem::currentDesktop()));
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