Verified Commit 0bea4e6e authored by Alois Wohlschlager's avatar Alois Wohlschlager 🌾
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Support svgz buttons in Aurorae themes

The Aurorae decoration engine in KWin checks for svgz icons if the svg
does not exist. Do the same thing here.

BUG: 432712
parent c3523cce
......@@ -25,7 +25,10 @@ void AuroraeDecorationPainter::paintButton(QPainter &painter, const QString &but
const QString buttonFileName = buttonTypeToFileName(buttonType);
const QString elementIdName = buttonStateToElementId(buttonState);
QSvgRenderer buttonRenderer {m_themePath + buttonFileName};
const QString buttonFilePath = m_themePath + buttonFileName;
QSvgRenderer buttonRenderer;
buttonRenderer.load(buttonFilePath) || buttonRenderer.load(buttonFilePath + "z");
buttonRenderer.render(&painter, elementIdName, DecorationPainter::ButtonGeometry);
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