Commit 1a4b8b89 authored by Nate Graham's avatar Nate Graham
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Improve tooltips for "keep above"/"keep below" buttons

It may not be totally clear what exactly they're being kept above.

BUG: 435292
FIXED-IN: 5.22
parent 9410cb5c
......@@ -322,14 +322,14 @@ QString DecorationButton::Private::typeToString(DecorationButtonType type)
return i18n("Shade");
case DecorationButtonType::KeepBelow:
if (this->q->isChecked())
return i18n("Don't keep below");
return i18n("Don't keep below other windows");
return i18n("Keep below");
return i18n("Keep below other windows");
case DecorationButtonType::KeepAbove:
if (this->q->isChecked())
return i18n("Don't keep above");
return i18n("Don't keep above other windows");
return i18n("Keep above");
return i18n("Keep above other windows");
return QString();
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