Commit 0cce6b5c authored by Ismael Asensio's avatar Ismael Asensio
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[applets/diskquota] Fix escaped string

parent e65233c4
......@@ -246,7 +246,7 @@ void DiskQuota::quotaProcessFinished(int exitCode, QProcess::ExitStatus exitStat
item.setMountString(i18nc("usage of quota, e.g.: '/home/bla: 38\% used'", "%1: %2% used", parts[0], percent));
item.setMountString(i18nc("usage of quota, e.g.: '/home/bla: 38% used'", "%1: %2% used", parts[0], percent));
item.setUsedString(i18nc("e.g.: 12 GiB of 20 GiB", "%1 of %2", fmt.formatByteSize(used), fmt.formatByteSize(softLimit)));
item.setFreeString(i18nc("e.g.: 8 GiB free", "%1 free", fmt.formatByteSize(qMax(qint64(0), freeSize))));
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