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alternatecalendar: Add date offset support for the Islamic Civil calendar in plugin base

Date offset is required to make the Islamic Civil calendar usable.

Special thanks to: @Zayed

CCBUG: 429892
parent 740bf91b
......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ public:
AbstractCalendarProvider *calendarProvider() const;
CalendarSystem::System m_calendarSystem;
int m_dateOffset; // For the (tabular) Islamic Civil calendar
std::unique_ptr<AbstractCalendarProvider> m_calendarProvider;
......@@ -79,11 +80,14 @@ void AlternateCalendarPlugin::loadEventsForDateRange(const QDate &startDate, con
QHash<QDate, QDate> alternateDatesData;
QHash<QDate, SubLabel> subLabelsData;
const int dateOffset = d->m_dateOffset;
for (QDate date = startDate; date <= endDate && date.isValid(); date = date.addDays(1)) {
if (const QDate alt = d->calendarProvider()->fromGregorian(date); alt != date) {
const QDate offsetDate = date.addDays(dateOffset);
if (const QDate alt = d->calendarProvider()->fromGregorian(offsetDate); alt != date) {
alternateDatesData.insert(date, alt);
subLabelsData.insert(date, d->calendarProvider()->subLabels(date));
subLabelsData.insert(date, d->calendarProvider()->subLabels(offsetDate));
if (alternateDatesData.size() > 0) {
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