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wallpapers/potd: always force update after resume from sleep

To work around some computers don't update the system date immediately.

CCBUG: 455588
parent 27e41d0b
......@@ -275,17 +275,8 @@ void PotdEngine::slotPrepareForSleep(bool sleep)
// Resume from sleep
if (m_lastUpdateDate != QDate::currentDate()) {
// New day new wallpaper
} else {
// Align the update timer's interval, and delay 1s to make sure last modified condition is satisfied.
const int remainingTime = QDateTime::currentDateTime().msecsTo(m_lastUpdateDate.addDays(1).startOfDay()) + 1000;
// In case the remaining time is too short, set the interval to 1min
m_checkDatesTimer.setInterval(std::max(remainingTime, 60 * 1000));
// Always force update to work around the current date not being updated
void PotdEngine::loadPluginMetaData()
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