Commit 4aff80c2 authored by Marco Martin's avatar Marco Martin
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use the new containmentType instead of the workaround

to know if we're in the systray, use the new containmentType property
parent 7a4fea3b
......@@ -430,12 +430,9 @@ Item {
observationModel: root.observationModel
Component.onCompleted: {
// workaround for missing note about being in systray or similar (kde bug #388995)
// guess from cointainer structure data and make available to config page
plasmoid.nativeInterface.needsToBeSquare =
(plasmoid.parent !== null &&
((plasmoid.parent.pluginName === 'org.kde.plasma.private.systemtray' ||
plasmoid.parent.objectName === 'taskItemContainer')));
Binding {
target: plasmoid.nativeInterface
property: "needsToBeSquare"
value: plasmoid.containmentType === PlasmaCore.Types.CustomEmbeddedContainment
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