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Shorten POTD provider names and remove description that is not used anywhere

QtQuick Controls 2 ComboBox doesn't handle long option well. Short names can solve the issue of D25354.


The ComboBox is the only place that the names are used. The "Description"s aren't used anywhere and they are mostly the repeat of "Name"s. So I removed "Description" field.

Reviewers: #plasma, ngraham

Reviewed By: ngraham

Subscribers: plasma-devel

Tags: #plasma

Differential Revision:
parent 8b00560e
"KPlugin": {
"Description": "Apod Provider",
"Description[ca@valencia]": "Proveïdor Apod",
"Description[ca]": "Proveïdor Apod",
"Description[cs]": "Poskytovatel Apodu",
"Description[da]": "Apod-udbyder",
"Description[de]": "Apod-Anbieter",
"Description[en_GB]": "Apod Provider",
"Description[es]": "Proveedor de Apod",
"Description[et]": "Apodi pakkuja",
"Description[eu]": "Apod hornitzailea",
"Description[fi]": "Apod-tarjoaja",
"Description[fr]": "Fournisseur « APOD »",
"Description[gl]": "Fornecedor de Apod",
"Description[id]": "Penyedia Apod",
"Description[it]": "Fornitore Apod",
"Description[ko]": "Apod 공급자",
"Description[lt]": "Apod teikėjas",
"Description[nl]": "Apod-provider",
"Description[nn]": "Apod-tilbydar",
"Description[pl]": "Usługodawca Apod",
"Description[pt]": "Fornecedor do Apod",
"Description[pt_BR]": "Fornecedor Apod",
"Description[ru]": "Источник данных Apod",
"Description[sk]": "Poskytovateľ Apod",
"Description[sv]": "Tillhandahåll från Apod",
"Description[uk]": "Постачальник даних Apod",
"Description[x-test]": "xxApod Providerxx",
"Description[zh_CN]": "每日一天文图 (APOD) 提供方",
"Description[zh_TW]": "Apod 提供者",
"Icon": "",
"Name": "Astronomy Picture of the Day",
"Name": "Astronomy (NASA)",
"Name[ca@valencia]": "Imatge astronòmica del dia",
"Name[ca]": "Imatge astronòmica del dia",
"Name[cs]": "Obrázek dne z Astronomie",
"KPlugin": {
"Description": "Bing Provider",
"Description[ca@valencia]": "Proveïdor Bing",
"Description[ca]": "Proveïdor Bing",
"Description[cs]": "Poskytovatel Bing",
"Description[da]": "Bing-udbyder",
"Description[de]": "Bing-Anbieter",
"Description[en_GB]": "Bing Provider",
"Description[es]": "Proveedor de Bing",
"Description[et]": "Bingi pakkuja",
"Description[eu]": "Bing hornitzailea",
"Description[fi]": "Bing-tarjoaja",
"Description[fr]": "Fournisseur Bing",
"Description[gl]": "Fornecedor de Bing",
"Description[id]": "Penyedia Bing",
"Description[it]": "Fornitore Bing",
"Description[ko]": "Bing 공급자",
"Description[lt]": "Bing teikėjas",
"Description[nl]": "Bing-provider",
"Description[nn]": "Bing-tilbydar",
"Description[pl]": "Dostawca Bing",
"Description[pt]": "Fornecedor do Bing",
"Description[pt_BR]": "Fornecedor Bing",
"Description[ru]": "Источник данных Bing",
"Description[sk]": "Poskytovateľ Bing",
"Description[sv]": "Tillhandahåll från Bing",
"Description[uk]": "Постачальник даних Bing",
"Description[x-test]": "xxBing Providerxx",
"Description[zh_CN]": "必应提供方",
"Description[zh_TW]": "Bing 提供者",
"Icon": "",
"Name": "Bing's Picture of the Day",
"Name": "Bing",
"Name[ca@valencia]": "Imatge del dia de Bing",
"Name[ca]": "Imatge del dia del Bing",
"Name[cs]": "Obrázek dne na Bing",
"KPlugin": {
"Description": "Epod Provider",
"Description[ca@valencia]": "Proveïdor Epod",
"Description[ca]": "Proveïdor Epod",
"Description[cs]": "Poskytovatel Epodu",
"Description[da]": "Epod-udbyder",
"Description[de]": "Epod-Anbieter",
"Description[en_GB]": "Epod Provider",
"Description[es]": "Proveedor de Epod",
"Description[et]": "Epodi pakkuja",
"Description[eu]": "Epod hornitzailea",
"Description[fi]": "Epod-tarjoaja",
"Description[fr]": "Fournisseur « EPOD »",
"Description[gl]": "Fornecedor de Epod",
"Description[id]": "Penyedia Epod",
"Description[it]": "Fornitore Epod",
"Description[ko]": "Epod 공급자",
"Description[lt]": "Epod teikėjas",
"Description[nl]": "Epod-provider",
"Description[nn]": "Epod-tilbydar",
"Description[pl]": "Usługodawca Epod",
"Description[pt]": "Fornecedor do Epod",
"Description[pt_BR]": "Fornecedor Epod",
"Description[ru]": "Источник данных Epod",
"Description[sk]": "Poskytovateľ Epod",
"Description[sv]": "Tillhandahåll från Epod",
"Description[uk]": "Постачальник даних Epod",
"Description[x-test]": "xxEpod Providerxx",
"Description[zh_CN]": "地球科学每日一图 (EPOD) 提供方",
"Description[zh_TW]": "Epod 提供者",
"Icon": "",
"Name": "Earth Science Picture of the Day",
"Name": "Earth Science (USRA)",
"Name[ca@valencia]": "Imatge de ciències de la Terra del dia",
"Name[ca]": "Imatge de ciències terràqüies del dia",
"Name[cs]": "Obrázek dne z Earth Science",
"KPlugin": {
"Description": "Flickr Provider",
"Description[ca@valencia]": "Proveïdor Flickr",
"Description[ca]": "Proveïdor Flickr",
"Description[cs]": "Poskytovatel Flickru",
"Description[da]": "Flickr-udbyder",
"Description[de]": "Flickr-Anbieter",
"Description[en_GB]": "Flickr Provider",
"Description[es]": "Proveedor de Flickr",
"Description[et]": "Flickri pakkuja",
"Description[eu]": "Flickr hornitzailea",
"Description[fi]": "Flickr-tarjoaja",
"Description[fr]": "Fournisseur « Flickr »",
"Description[gl]": "Fornecedor de Flickr",
"Description[id]": "Penyedia Flickr",
"Description[it]": "Fornitore Flickr",
"Description[ko]": "Flickr 공급자",
"Description[lt]": "Flickr teikėjas",
"Description[nl]": "Flickr-provider",
"Description[nn]": "Flickr-tilbydar",
"Description[pl]": "Usługodawca Flickr",
"Description[pt]": "Fornecedor do Flickr",
"Description[pt_BR]": "Fornecedor Flickr",
"Description[ru]": "Источник данных Flickr",
"Description[sk]": "Poskytovateľ Flickr",
"Description[sv]": "Tillhandahåll från Flickr",
"Description[uk]": "Постачальник даних Flickr",
"Description[x-test]": "xxFlickr Providerxx",
"Description[zh_CN]": "Flickr 提供方",
"Description[zh_TW]": "Flickr 提供者",
"Icon": "",
"Name": "Flickr Picture of the Day",
"Name": "Flickr",
"Name[ca@valencia]": "Imatge Flickr del dia",
"Name[ca]": "Imatge Flickr del dia",
"Name[cs]": "Obrázek dne z Flickru",
"KPlugin": {
"Description": "NOAA Provider",
"Description[ca@valencia]": "Proveïdor NOAA",
"Description[ca]": "Proveïdor NOAA",
"Description[cs]": "Přidat NOAA",
"Description[da]": "NOAA-udbyder",
"Description[de]": "NOAA-Anbieter",
"Description[en_GB]": "NOAA Provider",
"Description[es]": "Proveedor del NOAA",
"Description[et]": "NOAA pakkuja",
"Description[eu]": "NOAA hornitzailea",
"Description[fi]": "NOAA-tarjoaja",
"Description[fr]": "Fournisseur « NOAA »",
"Description[gl]": "Fornecedor de NOAA",
"Description[id]": "Penyedia NOAA",
"Description[it]": "Fornitore NOAA",
"Description[ko]": "NOAA 공급자",
"Description[lt]": "NOAA teikėjas",
"Description[nl]": "NOAA-provider",
"Description[nn]": "NOAA-tilbydar",
"Description[pl]": "Usługodawca NOAA",
"Description[pt]": "Fornecedor da NOAA",
"Description[pt_BR]": "Fornecedor NOAA",
"Description[ru]": "Национальное управление океанических и атмосферных исследований США",
"Description[sk]": "Poskytovateľ NOAA",
"Description[sv]": "Tillhandahåll från NOAA",
"Description[uk]": "Постачальник даних NOAA",
"Description[x-test]": "xxNOAA Providerxx",
"Description[zh_CN]": "美国国家海洋和大气管理局 (NOAA) 提供方",
"Description[zh_TW]": "NOAA 提供者",
"Icon": "",
"Name": "NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory Picture of the Day",
"Name": "Weather Satellite (NOAA)",
"Name[ca@valencia]": "Imatge del dia del NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory",
"Name[ca]": "Imatge del dia del NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory",
"Name[da]": "Dagens billede fra NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory",
"KPlugin": {
"Description": "Unsplash Wallpaper Provider",
"Description[ca@valencia]": "Proveïdor de fons de pantalla d'Unsplash",
"Description[ca]": "Proveïdor de fons de pantalla Unsplash",
"Description[cs]": "Poskytovatel tapet Unsplash",
"Description[en_GB]": "Unsplash Wallpaper Provider",
"Description[es]": "Proveedor de fondos de pantalla de Unsplash",
"Description[et]": "Unsplashi taustapildi pakkuja",
"Description[eu]": "Unsplash horma-paper hornitzailea",
"Description[fi]": "Unsplash-taustakuvatarjoaja",
"Description[fr]": "Fournisseur de fonds d'écran « Unsplash »",
"Description[gl]": "Fornecedor de fondos de Unsplash",
"Description[id]": "Penyedia Wallpaper Unsplash",
"Description[it]": "Fornitore di immagini di sfondo Unsplash",
"Description[ko]": "Unsplash 배경 그림 공급자",
"Description[lt]": "Unsplash darbalaukio fonų teikėjas",
"Description[nl]": "Leverancier van achtergrondafbeelding niet als startscherm gebruiken",
"Description[nn]": "Unsplash-tilbydar",
"Description[pl]": "Dostawca tapet Unsplash",
"Description[pt]": "Fornecedor de Papéis de Parede Unsplash",
"Description[pt_BR]": "Fornecedor de papel de parede Unsplash",
"Description[ru]": "Источник изображений Unsplash",
"Description[sk]": "poskytovateľ tapiet Unsplash",
"Description[sv]": "Tillhandahåll från Unsplash skrivbordsunderlägg",
"Description[uk]": "Постачальник зображень тла Unsplash",
"Description[x-test]": "xxUnsplash Wallpaper Providerxx",
"Description[zh_CN]": "Unsplash 壁纸提供方",
"Description[zh_TW]": "Unsplash 桌布提供者",
"Icon": "",
"Name": "Unsplash Wallpapers",
"Name[ca@valencia]": "Fons de pantalla d'Unsplash",
"KPlugin": {
"Description": "Wcpotd Provider",
"Description[ca@valencia]": "Proveïdor Wcpotd",
"Description[ca]": "Proveïdor Wcpotd",
"Description[cs]": "Poskytovatel Wcpotd",
"Description[da]": "Wcpotd-udbyder",
"Description[de]": "Wcpotd-Anbieter",
"Description[en_GB]": "Wcpotd Provider",
"Description[es]": "Proveedor de Wcpotd",
"Description[et]": "Wcpotd pakkuja",
"Description[eu]": "Wcpotd hornitzailea",
"Description[fi]": "Wcpotd-tarjoaja",
"Description[fr]": "Fournisseur « WCPOTD »",
"Description[gl]": "Fornecedor de Wcpotd",
"Description[id]": "Penyedia Wcpotd",
"Description[it]": "Fornitore Wcpotd",
"Description[ko]": "Wcpotd 공급자",
"Description[lt]": "Wcpotd teikėjas",
"Description[nl]": "Wcpotd-provider",
"Description[nn]": "Wcpotd-tilbydar",
"Description[pl]": "Usługodawca Wcpotd",
"Description[pt]": "Fornecedor do Wcpotd",
"Description[pt_BR]": "Fornecedor Wcpotd",
"Description[ru]": "Источник данных Wcpotd",
"Description[sk]": "Poskytovateľ Wcpotd",
"Description[sv]": "Tillhandahåll från Wcpotd",
"Description[uk]": "Постачальник даних Wcpotd",
"Description[x-test]": "xxWcpotd Providerxx",
"Description[zh_CN]": "维基媒体资源每日一图 (WCPOTD) 提供方",
"Description[zh_TW]": "Wcpotd 提供者",
"Icon": "",
"Name": "Wikimedia Picture of the Day",
"Name": "Wikimedia Commons",
"Name[ca@valencia]": "Imatge Wikimedia del dia",
"Name[ca]": "Imatge Wikimedia del dia",
"Name[cs]": "Obrázek dne z Wikimedie",
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