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Explicitly set parent app for energyinfo KCM

Because we want to use this in Plasma-Mobile, it needed to get installed in
the "plasma/kcms" namespace. But this means that we explicitly have to set
the parent app in order for it to be recognized as a kinfocenter KCM.

CCBUG: 451632
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......@@ -126,5 +126,6 @@
"X-KDE-Keywords[x-test]": "xxBatteryxx,xxEnergyxx,xxStatisticsxx,xxHistoryxx,xxPowerxx",
"X-KDE-Keywords[zh_CN]": "Battery,Energy,Statistics,History,Power,电池,电量,电能,能源,统计,历史,电源",
"X-KDE-Keywords[zh_TW]": "Battery,Energy,Statistics,History,Power",
"X-KDE-Weight": 2
"X-KDE-Weight": 2,
"X-KDE-ParentApp": "kinfocenter"
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