Commit 158992fc authored by Pino Toscano's avatar Pino Toscano
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usb: drop support for local usb.ids

Our usb.ids is utterly outdated, and using it is simply a bad idea.
Since we have been supporting a system usb.ids for quite a while, then
drop the support for a local version of usb.ids.
parent 4e2f56fa
......@@ -24,12 +24,6 @@ USBDB::USBDB() {
if (!QFile::exists(db)) {
db = QStringLiteral("/usr/share/misc/usb.ids"); /* on Gentoo */
if (!QFile::exists(db)) {
//cannot use locate(AppDataLocation) as the app is kinfocenter
db = QStandardPaths::locate(QStandardPaths::GenericDataLocation, QStringLiteral("kcmusb"), QStandardPaths::LocateDirectory);
if (!db.isEmpty())
if (db.isEmpty())
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