Commit 7aa3909b authored by Pino Toscano's avatar Pino Toscano
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usb: remove unused fields

Remove fields which are not filled, or possibly refer to old features in
specific OSes.
parent d339c583
......@@ -67,28 +67,17 @@ USBDevice::USBDevice(libusb_device *dev, struct libusb_device_descriptor &dev_de
_revMinor(0) {
_prodID(dev_desc.idProduct) {
if (!_db)
......@@ -219,9 +208,6 @@ QString USBDevice::dump() {
if (!pname.isEmpty())
p += QStringLiteral("<td>(") + pname +QStringLiteral(")</td>");
r += i18n("<tr><td><i>Product ID</i></td><td>0x%1</td></tr>", p);
r += ki18n("<tr><td><i>Revision</i></td><td>%1.%2</td></tr>")
r += QLatin1String("<tr><td></td></tr>");
r += i18n("<tr><td><i>Speed</i></td><td>%1 Mbit/s</td></tr>", _speed);
......@@ -229,13 +215,6 @@ QString USBDevice::dump() {
r += i18n("<tr><td><i>Max. Packet Size</i></td><td>%1</td></tr>", _maxPacketSize);
r += QLatin1String("<tr><td></td></tr>");
if (_hasBW) {
r += i18n("<tr><td><i>Bandwidth</i></td><td>%1 of %2 (%3%)</td></tr>", _bwUsed, _bwTotal, _bwPercent);
r += i18n("<tr><td><i>Intr. requests</i></td><td>%1</td></tr>", _bwIntr);
r += i18n("<tr><td><i>Isochr. requests</i></td><td>%1</td></tr>", _bwIso);
r += QLatin1String("<tr><td></td></tr>");
r += QLatin1String("</table>");
return r;
......@@ -55,18 +55,14 @@ private:
static USBDB *_db;
int _bus, _level, _parent, _port, _count, _device, _channels, _power;
int _bus, _level, _parent, _port, _device, _channels;
float _speed;
QString _manufacturer, _product, _serial;
int _bwTotal, _bwUsed, _bwPercent, _bwIntr, _bwIso;
bool _hasBW;
unsigned int _verMajor, _verMinor, _class, _sub, _prot, _maxPacketSize;
unsigned int _verMajor, _verMinor, _class, _sub, _prot, _maxPacketSize, _configs;
QString _className;
unsigned int _vendorID, _prodID, _revMajor, _revMinor;
unsigned int _vendorID, _prodID;
void collectDataSys(libusb_device *dev);
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