Commit 04802409 authored by Daniel Vrátil's avatar Daniel Vrátil 🤖
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Use i18n instead ot qsTr

parent 58ef04d3
......@@ -46,32 +46,32 @@ Item {
model: [
iconSource: "osd-shutd-laptop",
label: qsTr("Switch to external screen"),
label: i18n("Switch to external screen"),
action: OsdAction.SwitchToExternal
iconSource: "osd-shutd-screen",
label: qsTr("Switch to laptop screen"),
label: i18n("Switch to laptop screen"),
action: OsdAction.SwitchToInternal
iconSource: "osd-duplicate",
label: qsTr("Duplicate outputs"),
label: i18n("Unify outputs"),
action: OsdAction.Clonse
iconSource: "osd-sbs-left",
label: qsTr("Extend to left"),
label: i18n("Extend to left"),
action: OsdAction.ExtendLeft
iconSource: "osd-sbs-sright",
label: qsTr("Extend to right"),
label: i18n("Extend to right"),
action: OsdAction.ExtendRight
iconSource: "dialog-cancel",
label: qsTr("Do nothing"),
label: i18n("Leave unchanged"),
action: OsdAction.NoAction
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