Commit 3b10f0da authored by Yunhe Guo's avatar Yunhe Guo
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fix(kcm): improve i18n of device combobox

The original label cause i18n problems, the parameter %1 is never given. The layout doesn't fit the form. This patch uses Kirigami label and form layout. And fix the i18n message.





Reviewers: kde-i18n-doc, #plasma, #localization, broulik, romangg

Reviewed By: #plasma, romangg

Subscribers: romangg, broulik, ltoscano, plasma-devel

Tags: #plasma

Differential Revision:
parent d23e1ce1
......@@ -22,19 +22,12 @@ import org.kde.kirigami 2.4 as Kirigami
import org.kde.private.kcm.kscreen 1.0 as KScreen
ColumnLayout {
RowLayout {
Layout.alignment: Qt.AlignHCenter
spacing: 0
Kirigami.FormLayout {
twinFormLayouts: globalSettingsLayout
visible: kcm.outputModel && kcm.outputModel.rowCount() > 1
Kirigami.Heading {
horizontalAlignment: Text.AlignHCenter
level: 2
// FIXME i18n change text in master
text: i18n("Settings for %1", " ")
Controls.ComboBox {
Kirigami.FormData.label: i18n("Device:")
model: kcm.outputModel
textRole: "display"
currentIndex: root.selectedOutput
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