Commit 56d396e4 authored by Ilya Pominov's avatar Ilya Pominov
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Fix warning "Emit keyword being used with non-signal"

warning: Emit keyword being used with non-signal
KQuickAddons::ManagedConfigModule::settingsChanged [clazy-incorrect-emit]
parent 7bf873d2
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......@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ void KCMKScreen::configReady(ConfigOperation *op)
if (op->hasError()) {
m_configNeedsSave = false;
Q_EMIT settingsChanged();
Q_EMIT backendError();
......@@ -362,7 +362,7 @@ void KCMKScreen::load()
void KCMKScreen::continueNeedsSaveCheck(bool needs)
m_configNeedsSave = needs;
Q_EMIT settingsChanged();
bool KCMKScreen::isSaveNeeded() const
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