Commit 7d2dff0d authored by Bhushan Shah's avatar Bhushan Shah 📱
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Fix rotation direction after change in libkscreen

After libkscreen!12 rotation direction changed, so we need to fix
this as well.
parent dcac1b4f
......@@ -128,9 +128,9 @@ KScreen::Output::Rotation orientationToRotation(QOrientationReading::Orientation
case Orientation::TopDown:
return KScreen::Output::Rotation::Inverted;
case Orientation::LeftUp:
return KScreen::Output::Rotation::Right;
case Orientation::RightUp:
return KScreen::Output::Rotation::Left;
case Orientation::RightUp:
return KScreen::Output::Rotation::Right;
case Orientation::Undefined:
case Orientation::FaceUp:
case Orientation::FaceDown:
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