Commit 8231e233 authored by Sebastian Kügler's avatar Sebastian Kügler Committed by Daniel Vrátil
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Fix for both, X11 and wayland

We can only animate the opacity on X11, as QtWayland's platformwindow
doesn't support this. Avoids warnings.
parent c8c9851b
......@@ -104,9 +104,9 @@ void Osd::showOsd()
auto *rootObject = m_osdObject->rootObject();
// if our OSD understands animating the opacity, do it;
// otherwise just show it to not break existing lnf packages
if (rootObject->property("animateOpacity").isValid()) {
// only animate on X11, wayland plugin doesn't support this and
// pukes loads of warnings into our logs
if (qGuiApp->platformName() == QStringLiteral("xcb")) {
rootObject->setProperty("animateOpacity", false);
rootObject->setProperty("opacity", 1);
rootObject->setProperty("visible", true);
......@@ -31,13 +31,23 @@ PlasmaCore.Dialog {
// Icon name to display
property string icon
property string outputName
property string modeName
property bool animateOpacity: false
property string itemSource
property string outputName
property string modeName
Behavior on opacity {
SequentialAnimation {
// prevent press and hold from flickering
PauseAnimation { duration: root.timeout * 0.8 }
NumberAnimation {
duration: root.timeout * 0.2
easing.type: Easing.InQuad
enabled: root.animateOpacity
mainItem: Loader {
source: itemSource
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