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Improve wording in comment

Reviewers: #plasma, apol

Reviewed By: apol

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Differential Revision:
parent e9cca953
......@@ -333,10 +333,10 @@ void KScreenDaemon::lidClosedTimeout()
// If we are here, it means that closing the lid did not result in suspend
// action.
// FIXME: This could be simply because the suspend took longer than m_lidClosedTimer
// FIXME: This could be because the suspend took longer than m_lidClosedTimer
// timeout. Ideally we need to be able to look into PowerDevil config to see
// what's the configured action for lid events, but there's no API to do that
// and I'm no parsing PowerDevil's configs...
// and I'm not parsing PowerDevil's configs...
qCDebug(KSCREEN_KDED) << "Lid closed without system going to suspend -> turning off the screen";
for (KScreen::OutputPtr &output : m_monitoredConfig->outputs()) {
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