Commit 9509c64a authored by Nate Graham's avatar Nate Graham
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Revert "KCM: Workaround unknown Qt issue that causes the revert dialog to be invisible"

This reverts commit ace23390.

The thing this was working around was fixed in
so we don't need it anymore.

(cherry picked from commit f379142a)
parent c5a312c4
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......@@ -173,9 +173,7 @@ void KCMKScreen::doSave(bool force)
if (!m_settingsReverted && m_configHandler->shouldTestNewSettings()) {
QTimer::singleShot(100, this, [this]() {
Q_EMIT showRevertWarning();
Q_EMIT showRevertWarning();
} else {
m_settingsReverted = false;
m_stopUpdatesFromBackend = false;
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