Commit 99ff9d96 authored by Kevin Ottens's avatar Kevin Ottens Committed by David Edmundson
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Add maintainSnapping method to OutputModel

The intent here is to impact the position of screens around a given
screen when its size changes. This way we avoid weird overlaps or gaps
on resize with the screens snapped to a given one.

Note that even though it'll fully respect snapping in one direction,
it won't respect snapping between other screens in different directions.
This would require a full fledged layout engine which would be
complicated to grow in the current model.

Since it's also a less common case, I chose to ignore it. Let's make it
work for the 80% of the cases which are generally in one direction only.
parent 18a034e5
......@@ -951,3 +951,33 @@ void OutputModel::snap(const Output &output, QPoint &dest)
void OutputModel::maintainSnapping(const OutputModel::Output &changedOutput, const QSize &oldSize, const QSize &newSize)
const auto changedCenter = QRect(changedOutput.ptr->pos(), oldSize).center();
const auto dSize = newSize - oldSize;
const auto delta = QPoint(dSize.width(), dSize.height());
auto updated = false;
for (auto &output : m_outputs) {
if (output.ptr->id() == changedOutput.ptr->id()) {
const auto pos = output.ptr->pos();
const auto isXTranslate = pos.x() >= changedCenter.x();
const auto isYTranslate = pos.y() >= changedCenter.y();
const auto translation = QPoint(isXTranslate ? delta.x() : 0, isYTranslate ? delta.y() : 0);
if (translation.isNull()) {
output.pos = pos + translation;
updated = true;
if (updated) {
......@@ -121,6 +121,7 @@ private:
* @param dest the desired destination to be adjusted by snapping
void snap(const Output &output, QPoint &dest);
void maintainSnapping(const Output &changedOutput, const QSize &oldSize, const QSize &newSize);
bool setEnabled(int outputIndex, bool enable);
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