Commit a559aefb authored by Allan Sandfeld Jensen's avatar Allan Sandfeld Jensen Committed by Nate Graham
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Always extend out from the current primary screen

If no screen is embedded find the current primary screen and pretend
that is embedded. This fixes extend left/right to extend that way from
the current screen instead of relative to whatever screen randomly comes
first in an internal datastructure.

(cherry picked from commit e2f4f139)
parent 7cc32a75
Pipeline #241971 canceled with stage
......@@ -164,10 +164,19 @@ KScreen::ConfigPtr Generator::displaySwitch(DisplaySwitchAction action)
KScreen::OutputPtr embedded, external;
embedded = embeddedOutput(connectedOutputs);
// If we don't have an embedded output (desktop with two external screens
// for instance), then pretend one of them is embedded
// for instance), then pretend the current primary one is embedded
if (!embedded) {
const auto &firstConnectedOutputKey = connectedOutputs.constBegin().key();
embedded = connectedOutputs.value(firstConnectedOutputKey);
// Find primary screen
for (auto &screen : connectedOutputs) {
if (screen->isPrimary()) {
embedded = screen;
if (!embedded) {
// If all else fail take the first screen
embedded = connectedOutputs.constBegin().value();
// Just to be sure
if (embedded->modes().isEmpty()) {
......@@ -182,8 +191,7 @@ KScreen::ConfigPtr Generator::displaySwitch(DisplaySwitchAction action)
const auto firstConnectedOutputKey = connectedOutputs.constBegin().key();
external = connectedOutputs.value(firstConnectedOutputKey);
external = connectedOutputs.constBegin().value();
// Just to be sure
if (external->modes().isEmpty()) {
return config;
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