Commit ff8dc215 authored by Aleix Pol Gonzalez's avatar Aleix Pol Gonzalez 🐧 Committed by Aleix Pol Gonzalez
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Fix connecting external monitors when a monitor is rotated

It would be placed right by the unrotated geometry and after rotating it
the new output would end up floating in the logical space.
This happened because the explicitLogicalSize is cached and needs
updating after changing its settings.

(cherry picked from commit cc832fd4)
parent 6ecb8329
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......@@ -85,6 +85,7 @@ KScreen::ConfigPtr Generator::idealConfig(const KScreen::ConfigPtr &currentConfi
for (const auto &output : connectedOutputs) {
initializeOutput(output, config->supportedFeatures());
if (connectedOutputs.count() == 1) {
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