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Commit 2c1303a0 authored by David Edmundson's avatar David Edmundson

Automatic scaling selection

The generator code is run by the KDED when we don't have a profile for a
monitor setup.

If we don't have a config this sets the screen scaling to 2 when it has
an DPI > 1.5*normal DPI. The vertical resolution is also checked that it
matches what you'd find on a high resolution screen to hopefully avoid
issues with bogus EDID.

We may need to tweak this heuristic based on feedback, especially when
want to support fractional scaling.

Test Plan:
Removed configs.
Laptop screen looked like it should.
Normal screen was 1x

Reviewers: #plasma, broulik, sebas

Reviewed By: #plasma, broulik, sebas

Subscribers: sebas, broulik, plasma-devel

Tags: #plasma

Differential Revision:
parent 46ab5b1b
......@@ -155,6 +155,14 @@ KScreen::ConfigPtr Generator::displaySwitch(DisplaySwitchAction action)
KScreen::OutputList connectedOutputs = config->connectedOutputs();
//the scale will generally be independent no matter where the output is
//scale will affect geometry, so do this first
if (config->supportedFeatures().testFlag(KScreen::Config::Feature::PerOutputScaling)) {
for(auto output: qAsConst(connectedOutputs)) {
// There's not much else we can do with only one output
if (connectedOutputs.count() < 2) {
......@@ -536,6 +544,18 @@ KScreen::ModePtr Generator::bestModeForSize(const KScreen::ModeList &modes, cons
return bestMode;
qreal Generator::bestScaleForOutput(const KScreen::OutputPtr &output) {
const auto mode = bestModeForOutput(output);
const qreal dpi = mode->size().height() / (output->sizeMm().height() / 25.4);
//if reported DPI is closer to two times normal DPI, followed by a sanity check of having the sort of vertical resolution
//you'd find in a high res screen
if (dpi > 96 * 1.5 && mode->size().height() >= 1440) {
return 2.0;
return 1.0;
KScreen::ModePtr Generator::bestModeForOutput(const KScreen::OutputPtr &output)
if (output->preferredMode()) {
......@@ -73,6 +73,7 @@ class Generator : public QObject
KScreen::ModePtr bestModeForSize(const KScreen::ModeList& modes, const QSize &size);
KScreen::ModePtr bestModeForOutput(const KScreen::OutputPtr &output);
qreal bestScaleForOutput(const KScreen::OutputPtr &output);
KScreen::OutputPtr biggestOutput(const KScreen::OutputList &connectedOutputs);
KScreen::OutputPtr embeddedOutput(const KScreen::OutputList &connectedOutputs);
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