Commit 907c45f0 authored by Bharadwaj Raju's avatar Bharadwaj Raju
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Fix loading image wallpaper plugin config UI in KCM

Now org.kde.plasma.plasmoid is actually a QML plugin importable outside of
plasmashell. We can't override it anymore.

(cherry picked from commit ae599c04)
parent 27ae97fb
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......@@ -52,10 +52,6 @@ ScreenLockerKcm::ScreenLockerKcm(QObject *parent, const KPluginMetaData &data, c
qmlRegisterAnonymousType<KConfigPropertyMap>(url, 1);
qmlProtectModule(url, 1);
// Our modules will be checking the Plasmoid attached object when running from Plasma, let it load the module
const char *uri = "org.kde.plasma.plasmoid";
qmlRegisterUncreatableType<QObject>(uri, 2, 0, "PlasmoidPlaceholder", QStringLiteral("Do not create objects of type Plasmoid"));
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