Commit 318f8346 authored by David Redondo's avatar David Redondo 🏎

Include StorageVolumes by default

We are searching for a StorageDrive to see if it is on a HardDisk or or some
other type of device. However on some setups a Volume will not have StorageDrive
as an ancestor, this is for example the case when using lvm. So let's include
every volume by default and exclude only those for which we find a Drive that is
not a hard disk.
parent 35805ce4
......@@ -192,18 +192,19 @@ void DisksPlugin::addDevice(const Solid::Device& device)
if (!access || !volume || volume->isIgnored()) {
Solid::Device drive = device;
while (drive.isValid() && !<Solid::StorageDrive>()) {
// Only exlude volumes if we know that they are for sure not on a hard disk
while (drive.isValid()) {
if (<Solid::StorageDrive>()) {
auto type =<Solid::StorageDrive>()->driveType();
if (type == Solid::StorageDrive::HardDisk) {
} else {
drive = drive.parent();
if (!drive.isValid()) {
if (<Solid::StorageDrive>()->driveType() != Solid::StorageDrive::HardDisk) {
if (access->filePath() != QString()) {
auto block =<Solid::Block>();
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