Commit 446f0e6c authored by Chris Schlaeger's avatar Chris Schlaeger
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Added "DONT PORT TO QT2.0 YET" message

svn path=/trunk/kdeutils/ktop/; revision=17843
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......@@ -7,6 +7,9 @@ If you want to join this development please contact me first. Please
do *NOT* check in unsolicited code as I might am rearranging the code
and merging becomes a real headache so your code will be lost.
DO NOT DO ANY QT2.0 PORTING OF THE CODE!!! This will start after 1.1.1
is out!
This does not mean that I don't appreciate your help. Especially
porting to other platforms is difficult for me. I have introduced a
nice interface so porting is fairly easy. See OSStatus.cpp if you are
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