Commit 85e3e7dd authored by David Redondo's avatar David Redondo 🏎
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Remove setShortNameFor

We do not anymore use a subsystem which was using this method.
parent 66321cea
......@@ -139,7 +139,6 @@ void KSGRDIface::onSensorMetaDataRetrieved(int id, const QList<QByteArray> &answ
......@@ -297,26 +296,6 @@ void KSGRDIface::answerReceived(int id, const QList<QByteArray> &answer)
onSensorUpdated(id, answer);
QString KSGRDIface::shortNameFor(const QString &key)
// TODO: This is pretty ugly, but it is really hard to add this information to ksysguardd.
// So for now, we just map sensor ids to short names and return that.
static QHash<QString, QString> shortNames = {
{ QStringLiteral("cpu/system/TotalLoad"), i18nc("@title Total CPU Usage", "Usage") },
{ QStringLiteral("mem/physical/used"), i18nc("@title Total Memory Usage", "Total Used") },
{ QStringLiteral("mem/physical/cached"), i18nc("@title Cached Memory Usage", "Cached") },
{ QStringLiteral("mem/physical/free"), i18nc("@title Free Memory Amount", "Free") },
{ QStringLiteral("mem/physical/available"), i18nc("@title Available Memory Amount", "Available") },
{ QStringLiteral("mem/physical/application"), i18nc("@title Application Memory Usage", "Application") },
{ QStringLiteral("mem/physical/buf"), i18nc("@title Buffer Memory Usage", "Buffer") },
{ QStringLiteral("cpu/system/processors"), i18nc("@title Number of Processors", "Processors") },
{ QStringLiteral("cpu/system/cores"), i18nc("@title Number of Cores", "Cores") },
return shortNames.value(key, QString {});
K_PLUGIN_CLASS_WITH_JSON(KSGRDIface, "metadata.json")
#include "ksgrdiface.moc"
......@@ -60,7 +60,6 @@ private:
void unsubscribe(const QString &sensorPath);
KSysGuard::Unit unitFromString(const QString &unitString) const;
QString shortNameFor(const QString &key);
//This qlist is just to have an index mapping because of KSGRD's old API
//Could be an index in SensorInfo subclass
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