Commit b027861a authored by Arjen Hiemstra's avatar Arjen Hiemstra
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Also disconnect and unsubscribe from a sensor when removing it

Otherwise we still get updates for things that should have been removed.
parent bd184872
...@@ -167,7 +167,11 @@ void AggregateSensor::addSensor(SensorProperty *sensor) ...@@ -167,7 +167,11 @@ void AggregateSensor::addSensor(SensorProperty *sensor)
void AggregateSensor::removeSensor(const QString &sensorPath) void AggregateSensor::removeSensor(const QString &sensorPath)
{ {
m_sensors.remove(sensorPath); auto sensor = m_sensors.take(sensorPath);
if (isSubscribed()) {
} }
void AggregateSensor::updateSensors() void AggregateSensor::updateSensors()
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