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    • David Redondo's avatar
      Force device statistics refresh rate to be always one second · c7d17d0f
      David Redondo authored
      Unfortunately the statistics refresh rate of a device is a global property. So
      when it is changed from the outside we just force it back to one second. The
      initial rate is saved and updated when something tries to change it in order
      to restore it upon destruction.
      Because NetworkmanagerQt just forwards the DBus signal we have to guard the
      slot with a boolean to we do not trigger it ourselves.
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    • David Redondo's avatar
      Fix disk speeds · ce7a0a24
      David Redondo authored
      Classical case of off-by-one. The documentation starts numbering at one.
      I used the numbers from it instead of the proper ones.
  12. 30 Jan, 2021 1 commit
  13. 25 Jan, 2021 2 commits
    • David Redondo's avatar
      Check if we could open a file · e06cd065
      David Redondo authored
      In order to read the file it not only does need to exist but we also have to open it.
      This broke some systems where a file existed but was not readable with current permission.
      If we check if we could open a file we can save the check if the file exists.
    • David Redondo's avatar
      Include StorageVolumes by default · 9ce7b354
      David Redondo authored
      We are searching for a StorageDrive to see if it is on a HardDisk or or some
      other type of device. However on some setups a Volume will not have StorageDrive
      as an ancestor, this is for example the case when using lvm. So let's include
      every volume by default and exclude only those for which we find a Drive that is
      not a hard disk.
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    • Arjen Hiemstra's avatar
      NetworkManager: Do not remove devices when their active connection changes · e5a35d53
      Arjen Hiemstra authored
      In certain cases, NetworkManager can go on a rampage sending active
      connection change signals in very rapid succession. This results in
      memory usage ballooning because lambda connections can not be unique.
      Rather than destroying and recreating the NetworkManagerDevice objects
      on active connection change, this changes things so that we only remove
      them from the SensorContainer but keep the actual objects around. This
      allows NetworkManagerDevice to track its active connection state,
      removing the need for constant reconnects.
      BUG: 430003
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