Commit 2d4e4711 authored by Vlad Zahorodnii's avatar Vlad Zahorodnii
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Drop workaround for QTBUG-52092

I've been using kwaylandserver without this workaround for a while and
haven't experienced any issues. Also, there were some sub-surface fixes
in QtWayland.
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......@@ -636,14 +636,6 @@ void SurfaceInterfacePrivate::swapStates(State *source, State *target, bool emit
const QRegion bufferDamage = q->mapFromBuffer(target->bufferDamage);
target->damage = windowRegion.intersected(target->damage.united(bufferDamage));
emit q->damaged(target->damage);
// workaround for
// if the surface is a sub-surface, but the main surface is not yet mapped, fake frame rendered
if (subSurface) {
const auto mainSurface = subSurface->mainSurface();
if (!mainSurface || !mainSurface->buffer()) {
if (surfaceToBufferMatrix != oldSurfaceToBufferMatrix) {
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