Commit 90e2d2ba authored by Xaver Hugl's avatar Xaver Hugl
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outputconfigurationinterface: don't crash if mode is invalid

When the client issues the request, the compositor may have already destroyed
the mode object.
BUG: 453042
FIXED-IN: 5.24.5
parent dc09ce85
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......@@ -64,6 +64,9 @@ void OutputConfigurationV2InterfacePrivate::kde_output_configuration_v2_mode(Res
OutputDeviceV2Interface *output = OutputDeviceV2Interface::get(outputdevice);
OutputDeviceModeV2Interface *mode = OutputDeviceModeV2Interface::get(modeResource);
if (!mode) {
pendingChanges(output)->d->size = mode->size();
pendingChanges(output)->d->refreshRate = mode->refreshRate();
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