Commit ebdab57f authored by Vlad Zahorodnii's avatar Vlad Zahorodnii
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Send current primary selection after introducing focused surface

Toolkits such as GTK don't like that kwin sends the current primary
selection before the wl_keyboard.enter event.

(cherry picked from commit f034ef5d)
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......@@ -1123,6 +1123,9 @@ void SeatInterface::setFocusedKeyboardSurface(SurfaceInterface *surface)
d->globalKeyboard.focus = Private::Keyboard::Focus();
d->globalKeyboard.focus.surface = surface;
d->keyboard->setFocusedSurface(surface, serial);
if (d->globalKeyboard.focus.surface) {
d->globalKeyboard.focus.destroyConnection = connect(surface, &QObject::destroyed, this,
[this] {
......@@ -1159,8 +1162,6 @@ void SeatInterface::setFocusedKeyboardSurface(SurfaceInterface *surface)
d->keyboard->setFocusedSurface(surface, serial);
// focused text input surface follows keyboard
if (hasKeyboard()) {
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