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    Support highlighting windows through EffectsHandlerImpl · 2545162f
    Martin Flöser authored
    So far TabBox used highlight windows by passing window ids around through
    an X property. This doesn't work on Wayland where we don't have window
    ids for our TabBox and the Wayland windows.
    This change introduces a new Effect::Feature for HighlightWindows which
    the HighlightWindowsEffect provides. The EffectsHandlerImpl has a new
    method to highlightWindows which it delegates to that effect if it is
    loaded by invoking a new performFeature method.
    The TabBoxHandler now passes the highlighting to the effects system
    instead of updating the x11 property. Thus this works on Wayland and
    at the same time improves the X11 side by no longer having to go through
    the property protocol.
    Test Plan: Verified that Alt+Tab highlights the windows on Wayland correctly.
    Reviewers: #kwin, #plasma_on_wayland
    Subscribers: plasma-devel, kwin
    Tags: #plasma_on_wayland, #kwin
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D2630
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