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    Turn built-in effects into a library kwin links against · 76efe517
    Martin Flöser authored
    As all effects have always been compiled into the same .so file it's
    questionable whether resolving the effects through a library is useful
    at all. By linking against the built-in effects we gain the following
    * don't have to load/unload the KLibrary
    * don't have to resolve the create, supported and enabled functions
    * no version check required
    * no dependency resolving (effects don't use it)
    * remove the KWIN_EFFECT macros from the effects
    All the effects are now registered in an effects_builtins file which
    maps the name to a factory method and supported or enabled by default
    During loading the effects we first check whether there is a built-in
    effect by the given name and make a shortcut to create it through that.
    If that's not possible the normal plugin loading is used.
    Completely unscientific testing [1] showed an improvement of almost 10
    msec during loading all the effects I use.
    [1] QElapsedTimer around the loading code, start kwin five times, take
    REVIEW: 115073
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