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    Here comes the new TabBox. It is a complete rewrite using a MVC approach. Here some highlights: · 76f17e6d
    Martin Flöser authored
     * Models and Delegates for Clients and Desktops
     * Horizontal, vertical and tabular layout
     * Layout of one item can be configured by an XML definition
     * A desktop item can include a client list
     * An optional second list view showing only the selected item
     * A new KCM "kwintabbox"
     * An alternative TabBox with independent settings and keybindings
     * Optional Highlight Windows effect integration
     * List scrolls instead of removing items
     * Scroll wheel support
     * Cursor key support
     * Middle click on item closes window
    BUG: 195745
    BUG: 197187
    BUG: 201103
    FEATURE: 118184
    FEATURE: 156723
    FEATURE: 177441
    FEATURE: 182897
    FEATURE: 193882
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