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    Add support for xdg-shell version 5 interface · c3af4c3f
    Martin Flöser authored
    The WaylandServer creates the XdgShellV5 interface and hooks it up
    to create a ShellSurface whenever an xdg surface or xdg popup is created.
    ShellClient gains some new ctors for the different variants and is
    adjusted to delegate to xdg surface respectively.
    With this change KWin mostly supports xdg-shell protocol. Still missing
    is support for the "geometry" request which is rather difficult to
    implement in KWin.
    Reviewers: #kwin, #plasma_on_wayland
    Subscribers: plasma-devel, kwin
    Tags: #plasma_on_wayland, #kwin
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D2108
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