Commit 085c7781 authored by Martin Flöser's avatar Martin Flöser

[wayland] Create PlasmaWindow as child of AbstractClient

Ensures that the PlasmaWindow gets destroyed together with the window.
Note: when a ShellClient gets unmapped the PlasmaWindow does not yet
get destroyed. It should probably get destroyed and recreated on next
parent b5b8dee8
......@@ -212,7 +212,7 @@ void WaylandServer::announceClientToWindowManagement(AbstractClient *c)
using namespace KWayland::Server;
auto w = m_windowManagement->createWindow(m_windowManagement);
auto w = m_windowManagement->createWindow(c);
w->setVirtualDesktop(c->isOnAllDesktops() ? 0 : c->desktop() - 1);
......@@ -257,7 +257,6 @@ void WaylandServer::announceClientToWindowManagement(AbstractClient *c)
w->setThemedIconName( ? QStringLiteral("xorg") :;
connect(c, &QObject::destroyed, w, &KWayland::Server::PlasmaWindowInterface::unmap);
connect(w, &PlasmaWindowInterface::closeRequested, c, [c] { c->closeWindow(); });
connect(w, &PlasmaWindowInterface::virtualDesktopRequested, c,
[c] (quint32 desktop) {
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